Green Embroidery

July 24, 2009

Rather proud of this flower manage to use colour in a way that i’m happy with

flower green finished


green flower

July 23, 2009

flower green


July 18, 2009

sunflower doodle

pink flower

July 18, 2009

flowerthing doodle

doodling moody face

July 18, 2009


Hair and Sunglasses

July 18, 2009

Philosophy with hair and sunglasses.

sunglasses and beard doodle

Birthday a-team

July 15, 2009

Birthday card for thmnstr a-team tribute


Red Fly Thing

July 12, 2009


I decided to try and sow this doodle I created and I feel that it made a good effect I think it’s a good start didn’t take me too long though but still way longer then the drawing. I really like the effect on the wings but would redo the main body differently so it would blend more effectially with the rest of the creature.


July 8, 2009

I have been given a key to the front door to the library after that I thought I document this momentous occasion feel the layout and the paper interesting on this maybe if did this on sowing machine might look interesting.

key doodle

key2 doodle

It’ s amazing what interesting pages you can make from some crapy stickers from an advert you can see how bored i was. interesting thing boredom.

no yes doodle

More doodles

July 8, 2009

This is another drawing that I would like to make in fabric just for the sheer cuteness involved i’d like to call him “ball fly” but that could be taken in a wrong way you discusting people 😛 hopefully I could figure out how to make the wings maybe wire would be needed hmm.. interesting.

ballfly doodle

This was a extension of the “ball fly” but i feel “love fly” is more suitable but I prefer the original maybe try and make a couple maybe they’ll fall in love that way.

loveflys doodle

The more geeky of you will understand where this doodle comes from for the less geeky among you I let you in on the secret. The great Howling Mad Murdoc from the A-Team Had befreinded a pile of nuts which it promptly decieded to phyco anylise them all placing them in the proper groups. The line was so amazing I hade to wrigt it out to remeber it…god that mad is amazing.

nut doodle